Ken Verhaegen profile picKen Verhaegen


  • Workstation

  • Development

    • Sublime Text 3

      My notepad replacement..

    • Laracasts

      I better check if Jeffrey Way's still alive from time to time!

    • Postman

      You get it. You're the man. The Post-man!

    • AWS

      Let's put it with the rest of 80% of the internet. Everything's fine.

    • Laravel

      Setting those standards, hey?

    • Laravel Nova

      Administration panel for Laravel applications. Why do everything all over again?

    • Mollie

      Just an awesome payment provider.

    • Ionic

      Hybrid application development for a multi-platform approach.

  • Design

  • Hosting

    • Hetzner

      Most of my servers live in the Hetzner residence

    • Digital Ocean

      Well, I'm not exactly biased towards one VPS provider...

  • Productivity

    • Private Internet Access

      A VPN, just for having private internet access.

    • Dashlane

      Free password manager. How else do I remember those scribbled and one-off passwords... they also have Premium plans.

  • Business

    • ProtonMail

      Secure e-mail? I could've ended up far worse.