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  • Workstation

    • Herman Miller - Mirra 2

      I definitely got this used... and it's a strange green/yellow colour, but this is the most comfortable chair I've used.

    • Macbook Pro 15-inch 2015

      The 2015 model isn't really for sale any more, but it's been working like a champ for 4 years now. 16GB RAM, 256GB HD... definitely wish I had more space on the hard drive. I constantly have to clean things up to not run out of space.

  • Development

    • VS Code

      I've gone from Eclipse to Sublime to Atom and now am using Visual Studio Code... they just keep getting better and the TypeScript support in VS Code is second to none.

    • iTerm2

      I've been using this terminal for a while combined with "Oh My ZSH" - https://ohmyz.sh/

    • Postico

      It's a simple Postgres DB client, and the free version gives you pretty much everything you need.

    • Sequel Pro

      This is my go-to MySQL DB client. It's free and works well.

    • Cyberduck

      I've been using this tool forever to connect to FTP, SFTP, S3, etc...

    • Postman

      A great tool for testing out APIs, works for REST but also has support for GraphQL now.

    • Postgres.app

      For me this has been the easiest way to install and manage Postgres on my mac... even easier than Homebrew.

    • Homebrew

      One of the first things I install on my mac, an easy to use package manager.

    • Fira Mono

      A nice mono spaced font from Mozilla.

  • Design

  • Hosting

    • Zeit Now

      This is my go-to hosting for any Next.js applications I deploy. It's running this website, my dynamic OG image app, and I use it professionally at FlipGive as well.

    • Netlify

      For static websites, like my blog which uses Gatsby, Netlify is the best hosting solution I've found.

    • Heroku

      Still the easiest way to deploy Rails applications.

    • Namecheap

      This is where I purchase all of my domains.

    • EasyCron

      A service to call URLs on a cron schedule... I personally use this to trigger scheduled jobs on serverless URLs hosted on Zeit Now.

  • Productivity

    • Buttercup

      It's free, it's open-source, and it's doing the job for my password management.

    • Slack

      I mean, who doesn't use Slack at this point, right?

    • Spectacle

      A simple app for controlling screen sizing and repositioning on a Mac with keyboard shortcuts.

    • ExpressVPN

      Sometimes you want additional privacy or to appear from somewhere else. It has worked flawlessly for years, without any noticeable speed slowdown.

    • OmniDiskSweeper

      When my computer starts complaining that it's running out of space, this tool helps you see which folders are taking up the most amount of space.

  • Business

    • FreshBooks

      Cloud accounting software I've been using for a number of years now for all of my contracting work. Based out of Toronto!!

  • Podcasting / Screencasting

    • ScreenFlow

      I'm on an older version, but it does the job well! I use it to record my screen, webcam, and audio for my programming tutorials on YouTube.

    • RODE Podcaster

      No complaints so far! I'm sure there are more professional microphones out there, but this one is working great for my YouTube videos.